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Below and on related pages is information that will help you become familiar with Iowa's Prepare to Care curriculum and training for Direct Care Professionals in all settings. If you have questions, contact Arlinda McKeen at amckeen@sppg.com

Prepare to Care Modules Meet CurrentFederal Requirements for Home Health Aide and Hospice Aide Training
Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals Training Officer/State RAI Coordinator Susan Odell provided Dr. Anita Stineman, Prepare to Care Curriculum Director and Instructor Trainer, with the following information about Prepare to Care curriculums:

"December 21, 2015
The combined Prepare to Care Personal Activities of Daily Living (PADL) and the Health Monitoring and Maintenance (HMM) curriculums meet the current federal requirements for Home Health Aide and Hospice Aide training."

Download this PDF version of the statement for your use or sharing with others:

If you have questions, please direct them to Dr. Stineman at anita-stineman@uiowa.edu or Arlinda McKeen at amckeen@sppg.com.

Direct Care Workforce Initiative Summit Report
Iowa Department of Public Health convened a summit of interested stakeholders on October 6, 2016, to learn more about and discuss the direct care workforce and the opportunities and challenges to meeting workforce demand. This IDPH Summit report was released in early January 2017.

About the Prepare to Care Curriculum
The curriculum developed through the Direct Care Workforce Initiative is now available statewide! These resources give more information about the trainings and how DCPs can combine courses into Career Pathways to earn Advanced Training Certificates.

General information about Prepare to Care:

About Prepare to Care training for direct care professionals:

About Prepare to Care training for employers:

About Prepare to Care training for use by community colleges:

About Prepare to Care training for consumers, family members, and the public:

Updated!! Career Pathways and Course Descriptions:

Click here to watch a short video about the Prepare to Care curriculum!

"Mouth Care Matters" Oral Health Specialty Training to Continue
The first Prepare to Care Specialty Training, in Oral Health, was developed and piloted through grants funded by Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation, Mid-Iowa Health Foundation, and Iowa Department of Public Health through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreement (#DP13-1307) and awarded to Iowa CareGivers. To date, 23 dental hygienists have become Mouth Care Matters Oral Health Specialty instructors, and 98 direct care professionals have completed the oral health specialty training. The project has yielded positive preliminary findings with a significant gain in knowledge by those who completed the training. With continued support, additional trainings will be held at locations to be determined in the future. Watch Iowa CareGivers website for class schedules as they become available. www.iowacaregivers.org or contact Mary Ann Young at maryann@iowacaregivers.org.

General information about Mouth Care Matters and the Oral Health Specialty Training:

Information for Employers about Mouth Care Matters and the Oral Health Specialty Training:

Information for Direct Care Professionals about Mouth Care Matters and the Oral Health Specialty Training:

Highlights of Oral Health Specialty Pilot - Mouth Care Matters Project

Please check back for future training opportunities for the Oral Health Specialty Training.

How to Access Prepare to Care Training
Core Training for Direct Care Professionals - What and How?
This provides basic information about Core training both in person and online and how you can access it.

Free Core Training - Face-to-Face

Take the free prepare to Care Core Training in person! Watch this space for new opportunities for in-person Core Training.

Free Online Core
Take the Prepare to Care Core Training online for free at http://directcare.training-source.org/
This course is great for new and continuing education for direct care professionals. It includes training in person-centered care and support, communication and interpersonal skills, documentation, infection control, and more.

Find a Class or Instructor

If you are a direct care professional interested in taking this training or an employer interested in having your staff take this training, sign up here to receive information: http://bit.ly/PTCinterest
Contact one of these trained instructors to arrange class offerings:

Contact these community colleges to ask about course offerings in your area:

How to Become an Instructor

See this document for eligibility criteria to become a a Prepare to Care instructor:

If you meet the criteria, sign up here to receive information about instructor trainings: http://bit.ly/PTCinterest

Upcoming Prepare to Care Instructor Trainings

Watch this space for announcements of upcoming Instructor Trainings and the availability of the application process. If you are interested in becoming a Prepare to Care instructor, you will apply for announced trainings through the link provided below.

Instructor Training is scheduled for March 29-31, 2017, at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids.
Core, Personal Activities of Daily Living, and Health Monitoring & Maintenance will be offered on March 29-30, 2017.
Core, Home & Community Living, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, and Personal Support will be offered on March 29 & 31, 2017.

Training is offered as part of the Iowa Department of Public Health and College of Nursing Prepare to Care Direct Care Workforce Initiative. Both types of instructors will be trained (instructor requirements listed above). Every instructor must take two days of training: one day focused on Principles of Adult Learning and the other day focused on the modules which they are planning to teach. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria to review the types of instructors and associated modules. There is no cost for the instructor training, but individuals will be responsible for their own travel costs (mileage, meals, and lodging if needed). Click here to apply to attend an instructor training

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Iowa Care Book is Iowa’s Direct Care Professional Directory. This site provides information about direct care professionals who have completed training and certificates in Prepare to Care: www.iowacarebook.com
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